STEWARDS ARE KEY - A Great Leader Creates Change

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2019 0205 Member Stories Cassy Wolle Port Orchard Fred Meyer2.jpg

Cassy Wolle is a Checker at the Port Orchard Fred Meyer. She is a strong leader and Steward in her store, in her union and in the community. She is part of the Movement Builders coalition to build strength in her community and her union. Cassy’s passion for building strength for workers led her out door knocking during election season to help get legislators elected that care about workers’ rights. Cassy knows that there is power in numbers and helped educate and organize a new group of co-workers in her own worksite to join and grow our union. Cassy’s actions show that getting involved in your union builds strength and creates change in workplaces and communities.

A Steward is a union member like you who has been trained to enforce co workers’ rights in the workplace and speak out on union issues. If you are interested in becoming a Steward contact us online at