PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS - UFCW 21 Members on the Road in Missouri

Brenda Stabler has worked at Safeway in West Bremerton for 38 years. She’s one of eleven UFCW 21 members who went all the way to Missouri to stand alongside working people in that state. “I wanted to do my part to help. I just want everyone to know how important it is to have a strong union at work.”

Her Union Rep, Leroy Taylor, jokes that his little sister and Brenda used to ride on the same school bus. “We’ve been together in the same community a long time.” Being in community together is what unions are all about. Brenda was one of three Kitsap members at Safeway, along with Cheryl Butler (East Bremerton) and Naomi Oligario Port Orchard) who went for 12 days to Missouri during the end of July and early August.


UFCW 21 Members from across WA State journeyed to Missouri to go door to door with our Union Brothers and Sisters to stand up for working communities in their state's fight to repeal Right To Work for Less laws.