UNIONS MAKE IT BETTER - Raising Wages & Raising Spirits

As an employee of the Port Townsend Safeway, Sherri Howard wants folks to know that minimum-wage jobs are not just for kids. One aspect of her Safeway job that she appreciates, as the granddaughter of a union leader, is that she’s finally got a union job.

“If you’re living at home with your parents, you might not have to worry about taking a sick day,” Howard said. “When I take a sick day, it’s because I have to take a sick day, because that’s a big deal for my entire month... Just a little bump can make a huge difference.”

To that end, the state’s increase in the hourly minimum wage to $11 spearheaded by UFCW 21 makes a difference. Sharri is looking forward to finally paying off the mattress she and her husband bought, plus “maybe having movie date nights at The Rose Theatre every once in a while, rather than just on the couch”.

(Jan 18, 2017 Kirk Boxleitner, ptleader.com)