PEOPLE POWERED POLITICS - Paid Family Medical Leave Act

2017 0516 Member Stories Karina Romero Macys.jpg

Karina Romero has worked at Macys for 6 years and is a single mother of 7 year old twins. One of Karina’s sons was diagnosed with a rare condition called Kawasaki disease which required her to take unpaid time off to monitor her son’s recovery. Once the new Paid Family and Medical Leave Act goes into effect workers won’t have to take unpaid time in Karina’s situation.

“FMLA is great but as a low wage worker I cannot afford to take unpaid days off… Low wage workers should not have to choose between a paycheck or caring for their family. Paid family and medical leave would allow workers to take the time they need for a medical emergency and help a stressful life situation.”

Karina and twin boys pictured after speaking at the bill signing for Paid Family Medical Leave.