UFCW 21 leadership is provided by the Member-elected Executive Board. The Executive Board is made of rank-and-file UFCW 21 Members from diverse workplaces, income levels and backgrounds. UFCW 21 President Faye Guenther, Secretary-Treasurer Joe Mizrahi and Recorder Mia Contreras are the three UFCW 21 staff members on the Board.

UFCW 21 is the largest private-sector union in Washington with over 46,000 members working in grocery store retail health care and other industry jobs. UFCW 21 is a chartered member of UFCW International with over 1.4 million workers in North America.

We believe in the promise of America. A promise that our children can lead better lives than ours. A promise that with hard work and standing up for our rights we can make a decent living that includes a good wage health care and retirement.

The story of union workers is a powerful one. When workers come together in a union they have the collective strength to meet as equals with their employer. This strength allows workers to bargain for better wages and benefits and have more protection from unfair and unsafe working conditions. That is why most workers want to be part of a union.

How We Work:

1 - Build a stronger union membership in workplaces already part of UFCW 21: bargaining contracts that improve wages, benefits and working condition; fighting to defend the rights we have won at the bargaining table and in state and federal law; and training and developing union leaders.

2 - Organize workplaces where workers want to have a union but do not yet have one.

3 - Make sure that the voice of workers is heard in the halls of government and on the campaign trail. Through education and action of thousands of members, UFCW 21 is an active voice in political elections as well as lobbying for workers in the state and nation's capital.