Do you have any issues with safety at your workplace? Our Grocery Store Bargaining team is talking to our employers at the bargaining table about the employers’ responsibility to provide us with a safe workplace. We’ve been collecting members’ experiences with safety—whether that’s because of a lack of training or safe equipment, under-staffing that affects our safety, or any other issues. Management needs to hear what’s really going on, on the ground in our workplaces. We even made a whole book out of the stories people told about safety at work. But we need to hear from you!

Here’s what other folks have shared, read by members of our bargaining team, who brought these issues straight to the bargaining table:

What’s going on in your store?

Let us know so we can show Management what’s really going on, on the ground, in our workplaces:

Here are some members of our Grocery Store Bargaining team talking about why safety really matters to us and our communities: