Initiative Filed for Paid Sick Leave and Higher Minimum Wage

Ariana Davis (shown here), a UFCW 21 grocery member from Safeway and Jane Teske, a UFCW 21 health care member from Providence both spoke at the kick off press conference this morning in the Washington Secretary of State's office after the initiative was officially filed.

Today, your union, UFCW 21, along with a coalition of labor, faith, and community organizations introduced a people's initiative with the Secretary of State's office to raise up working standards for all Washingtonians.

The proposed initiative gives workers up to seven earned sick days and phases in a minimum wage up to $13.50.

For years we have negotiated for wage increases and paid sick leave - on the first day you are sick and free from discipline. For years we have tried unsuccessfully to get statewide elected politicians to address these issues. Locally, we have pushed to address these issues in Seattle, Seatac, Tacoma, Bellingham, Spokane and Olympia and already won in some places. But we can't wait any longer for a statewide solution. 2016 is the year to win these for workers all across the state.

UFCW 21 members and workers around this state are rising up together for this change in the law. We are going to need all of us to come together to ensure that this initiative gets passed and the first step will be to gather enough signatures to qualify for the 2016 ballot.

Click on the button below to pledge to gather signatures from your friends, family and coworkers to help us pass a law to give all Washington workers paid sick leave and better wages. 




The ability to take a paid day off to care for ourselves or a loved one shouldn't be negotiable, it should be a basic right. When we ensure working people across Washington aren't forced to choose between a pay check and a sick child, we can prevent the spread of disease and make our communities safer, healthier, and stronger.


The promise of America should be for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Yet over the past four years, our economy has swung out of balance. While the richest one percent saw their incomes rise 31 percent and big corporations made record profits, working families have been left behind. We can fix this. Increasing Washington's minimum wage will lift hundreds of thousands of working families out of poverty, respecting people's real contributions with fair wages that help them afford food, a home, and a life for themselves and their kids. Since Seattle and SeaTac passed minimum wage increases, the unemployment rate has fallen, creating more opportunity and a fair shake for working families and putting more money into local small businesses which helps our economy thrive. Everyone across the state deserves this opportunity.

UFCW 21 year in review 2015

2015 was a year of victories for UFCW 21 Members striving for better work conditions, social justice and higher wages. 2015 welcomed new membership to many workers who believe in the promise of America. A promise that our children can lead better lives than ours. A promise that with hard work and standing up for our rights we can make a decent living that includes a good wage, health care and retirement.

Haggen Stores Up for Auction This Week, Motion Filed for Core Stores in Our Region to be Auctioned in January

Haggen Stores Up for Auction This Week, Motion Filed for Core Stores in Our Region to be Auctioned in January

You are probably hearing about events this week and the auctioning of some Haggen stores. Representatives from UFCW Locals and our International Union are at the auction for the 95 Haggen stores taking place this week. We are strongly presenting our position that these stores need to be bought by responsible store owners to ensure that our members can continue to provide for their families and give customers the great service that they expect...

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Retail workers deserve better. Help Change Walmart.

Last night millions of TV viewers heard our call for change at Walmart and other corporations that treat workers like they are disposable. Retail worker families deserve better. The future of the American economy demands better. Help change Walmart. Check out the ads. Together  we can make change happen.

Watch the ad and share the need for change at Walmart.

State Supreme Court Upholds SeaTac's Minimum Wage Law

UFCW 21 member Shukri Hussien spoke on the steps of the Olympic court on June 26

UFCW 21 member Shukri Hussien spoke on the steps of the Olympic court on June 26

This is a great decision for the workers in SeaTac and the broader SeaTac community. The successful initiative was a critical part of jump-starting the national movement for higher wages and better benefits in the workplace. It spread from SeaTac to Seattle and communities all across the nation. With the court’s decision today, the national movement that has been picking up steam has even more momentum for raising standards in the workplace and reducing inequities in our economy. Read the full opinion.