Haggen Store Auction

UFCW 21 Haggen Update – November 13, 2015

Some Results From Recent Auction and Next Steps

You may be wondering what the results were from the recent round of auctions taking place in LA for 95 Haggen stores up and down the West Coast. In particular, some of our UFCW 21 northwest Washington Haggen stores were on auction Wednesday.  

While there were a few stores that had no bids in the UFCW 21 region, we are still actively working to find buyers for these few stores. For the rest in the UFCW 21 region, there were eight winning bids and they were all by Albertsons, a union store. This list from the auction is below.  

We continue to closely monitor this process and will know more early next week about what the outcome will look like as there are extra steps after the bidding and prior to an approved sale.  Also, we hope there may be positive news about the other stores that had been auctioned but had no bid. 

Finally, the list we had sent on Tuesday night was regarding the so-called "core" stores in our region that Haggen has filed a motion to put up for auction in January of 2016.