Macy's - Major Takeaways on the Table

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Our contract bargaining team met with management on June 26 for our fourth contract negotiation session. Macy’s is still proposing major cuts to our contract including:

  • Elimination of our wage scale
  • Carving sick leave out of vacation leave
  • Weakening union security language

We have not seen management proposals this aggressive in the past. It’s time to speak with one voice and tell Macy’s that we won’t accept these cuts and that we won’t go backward on our contract.

“Macy’s needs to hear us loud and clear, we will not accept takeaways!” 
—  Patrick Keating, Macy’s Seattle

“We’ve fought hard for our contract and we won’t go backwards. If we’re unified and active we’ll win a good contract.” 
— Candice Hemphill, Macy’s Southcenter

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