OPEIU Local 8, SEIU 1199NW Healthcare, WSNA Join UFCW 21

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All four unions have come together to stand united for patients over profits. Providence wants to lower standards for over 6,000 UFCW 21 members and another 14,000 union members across the state on issues like safe staffing, wages and secure sick leave.

As workers in Healthcare Institutions our primary purpose is to deliver the highest quality of patient care we can. To accomplish this we need proper staffing on every shift and in every department. Safe staffing levels ensure patient needs are met and creates safer work environments.

We need:

  • Safe staffing levels to provide the highest quality care possible

  • Secure sick leave to care for ourselves and our families while not putting patients at risk

  • Competitive compensation to recruit and retain the best workers into our communities

  • Affordable accessible healthcare

So far Management’s response continues to fall short. All four unions are facing the same challenges at our bargaining tables. Together we are working in coalition and are committed to raising standards that will allow us to recruit and retain high quality healthcare providers for our communities.

Management has offered:

  • No plan for addressing staffing levels

  • Inferior coverage for when we are sick forcing us to work and put our patients at risk when we should be caring for ourselves

  • Compensation that will not allow Providence to stay competitive with other area Hospitals putting our communities at risk

Our Union Coalition, along with community leaders and elected officials are taking action and we need every union member to stand strong!

While we fight for standards, safe workplaces and healthy communities at Centralia Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and Mt Carmel Hospital

We stand with WSNA at Sacred Heart Medical Center!

We stand with OPEIU 8 at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett!

We stand with SEIU 1199NW at Swedish Hospital!

Spokane Update

In Spokane we are bargaining for over 300 workers at Holy Family Hospital and 1,800 workers at Sacred Heart Medical Center where our proposals reflect our priority to improve working conditions in the face of Management’s proposed takeaways.

After months of negotiations and working with a Federal Mediator we are no closer to a new contract with Providence.

Management does not appear to be willing to work on a fair settlement, instead they want to strip us of hard-earned benefits while offering an inferior wage package.

We have said “NO” again and again so it’s time to take further action to reach a new contract.

How much money do they need to take from us until enough is enough? For a non-profit their profits are overwhelmingly high. Providence should re-invest those profits in Patient Care and their employees, not just their CEO’s!

It’s time for Providence to “Step Up” and “Put Patients and Safe Staffing Before Profits.”

Contact your Bargaining Team members for more information on how you can help solve our staffing crisis.




Jodi Spurgin is a workplace leader at Holy Family Hospital. Five of her co-workers came to her saying they were not being paid the rest between shift premium (their contract states, you are allowed 12 hours rest before starting your next shift or you will be paid an additional premium for those hours worked). Management fought and retaliated against the workers by making scheduling more difficult. Jodi, with the help of the union and her co-workers, stood up and fought back. 

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Providence Holy Family Contract Negotiations Continue

You Have the Right

As a worker in America you have certain rights. Now that you have voted to join a union, you have even more protections in the workplace. 

You have the right to discuss union issues at work with co-workers as long as it does not interfere with your duties. “Baseball and Babies” is often the saying – meaning, if you are allowed to discuss the Spokane Indians baseball game or a co-worker’s new baby, then you are allowed under the law to discuss union topics at work as well.

If Management says you can’t, politely inform them of your rights. If they push back more, contact Union Rep Jackie Williams, 509-340-7369