Grocery Store Workers informational picket


Grocery Store Workers informational picket

The employers are still proposing pay cuts. More action is needed to increase our wages, secure our pension, and protect our health care.

Tuesday, July 30


Fred Meyer Stevens 4505 S 19th St // 10am-12pm // 2pm-4pm // 6pm-8pm

Thursday, August 1

Port Orchard

Safeway 3355 Bethel Rd SE, Port Orchard, WA // 12:30pm

Albertsons 1434 Olney Ave SE Port Orchard, WA // 1:30pm

Fred Meyer 1900 SE Sedgwick Rd Port Orchard, WA // 12:30pm

Albertsons 370 Sedgwick Rd Port Orchard, WA // 1:30pm


FM Monroe 18805 State Route 2 Monroe, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway Monroe 1951 Highway 2 Monroe, WA // 1:30pm


FM Everett 8530 Evergreen Way Everett, WA // 12:30pm

FM Lynnwood 4615-196th SW Lynnwood, WA // 1:30pm


Fred Meyer Pacific 7250 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA // 10am-12pm // 2pm-4pm // 6pm-8pm

Wednesday, July 31

North Seattle

Safeway N City 17202-15th Ave NE Seattle, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway Pine Hurst 12318-15th Ave NE Seattle, WA // 1:30pm


Safeway Kent Valley 210 Washington Ave S Kent, WA // 12:30pm

Fred Meyer Kent 10201 SE 240th St Kent, WA // 1:30pm


Safeway 200 S 3rd St Renton, WA // 12:30pm

Fred Meyer 365 Renton Center Way SW Renton, WA // 1:30pm


QFC Bel-East 1510-0145th Pl SE Bellevue, WA // 12:30pm

FM Bellevue 2041-0148th NE Bellevue, WA // 1:30pm


FM Auburn 801 Auburn Way N Auburn, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway Auburn 101 Auburn Way S Auburn, WA // 1:30pm

University Village

Safeway U Village 3020 NE 45th St. Seattle, WA // 12:30pm

QFC U Village 2746 NE 45th St Seattle, WA // 1:30pm

Lower Queen Ann

Safeway Lower QA 516-1st Ave W Seattle, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway Upper QA 2100 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, WA // 1:30pm

West Seattle

Safeway 4740-42nd Ave SW Seattle, WA // 12:30pm

QFC West Seattle 4550- 42nd Ave SW Seattle, WA // 1:30pm

Coal Creek

QFC 6940 Coal Creek Pkwy SE Renton, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway 6911 Coal Creek Parkway SE Renton, WA // 1:30pm


QFC Issaquah 1540 Gilman Blvd Issaquah, WA // 12:30pm

Safeway Issaquah 735 Gilman Blvd Issaquah, WA // 1:30pm


QFC Bella Bottega 8867-161st Ave NE Redmond, WA // 12:30pm

QFC Redmond 15800 Redmond Way Redmond, WA // 1:30pm