Grocery Store Bargain Update: Historic Progress on Safety... No Progress on Wages

Historic Progress on Safety... No Progress on Wages

After three months of negotiations, we were able to reach one agreement today around our safety proposals. This is the first time we have ever had safety language in our contract and addresses a major issue that we face in the stores every day — we can make progress when the employer is willing to have a reasonable dialogue.

However, the employer is sticking to their proposals to cut pay and reduce staffing. We remain committed to significant pay raises, secure scheduling, better workplace training, and protecting our health care and benefits.

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What’s next?

  • Connecting with our shoppers
    Our workplace leaflet actions are being well-received by our customers as we let them know what we are pushing for in our negotiations. With over 113 store leaflet actions already done, we will wrap up leafleting at every store by Friday the 14.

  • Connecting with each other
    Attend a Contract Action Team Meeting near you to take part in the launch of our next action phase of getting all member data in one place so we can communicate quickly and accurately as the campaign evolves.

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  • Keeping informed
    Be sure to download the UFCW 21 App so you can get up to the minute information on the bargain and related actions directly on your phone, download the app today. Also, check out the June Bargaining News poster on your store bulletin board.

 Next Bargaining Date: June 18


Amy Dayley Angell, QFC #891 (Ballard), Front End Checker

Cassy Wolle, Fred Meyer - Port Orchard #655 (Grocery), CCK Checker

Scott Shiflett, QFC #838 (Inglewood), Meat Cutter

Christina Harris, Fred Meyer - Lake City #179 (Grocery), Bakery Clerk

Cliff Powers, Safeway #402 (Oak Harbor), Produce Clerk

Eleanor Knight, Albertsons #4483 (Auburn), 4th PIC

Irene Garcia, Fred Meyer - Auburn #19 (Retail), Home Clerk

Jeannette Randall, Safeway #1923 (Roxbury), Front End Checker

Jeff Smith, Fred Meyer - Snohomish #681 (Retail), Non-food receiving Clerk

J'Nee DeLancey, Town & Country #211 (Ballard), Beer/Wine Manager

Jordan Washington, QFC #803 (Meridian), Starbucks

Kyong Barry, Albertsons #483 (S Auburn), Front End Supervisor

Maggie Breshears, Fred Meyer - Greenwood #122 (Grocery), Personal Shopper

Maroot Nanakul, Safeway #464 (Bear Creek), Front End Manager

Michaela Strain, QFC #819 (Bothell), Meat Wrapper

Paul Ames Reinhold, Metropolitan Market #157 (Uptown), Cheese Kiosk Clerk

Richard Waits, Haggen #15 (Burlington), Deli Clerk

Robin Hillistad, QFC #858 (N Seattle), HR Specialist

Sam Dancy, QFC #825 (Westwood Village), Front End Supervisor

Sue Wilmot, Safeway #1252 (Bainbridge Island), Front End Checker

Wendy Garrett-Drake, Albertsons #469 (Mukilteo), Personnel Coordinator/Bookkeeper

Wil Peterson, Fred Meyer - Everett #95 (Grocery), CCK Checker

Faye Guenther, President, UFCW 21

Steve Chandler, Principal Officer Teamsters 38

Joe Mizrahi, Secretary Treasurer, UFCW 21

Mia Contreras, Executive Vice President, UFCW 21

Tammi Brady, Recording Secretary, Teamsters 38

Samantha Kantak, Executive Assistant, Teamsters 38

Jim McGuinness, Attorney, UFCW 21 and Teamsters 38