Grocery Store Bargain Update: Safety is key- for us and our customers

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Safety is key - for us and our customers

It is clear to our union member bargaining team that we need to make some significant progress on many issues in our 2019 negotiations including higher wages. Wages are important to all of us, but before we address compensation, we need to continue to work on issues that are connected to the quality of our jobs and often are closely related to our pay – issues like; scheduling, staffing, training, and safety.

Member feedback from surveys is clear: workplaces need to be safe for us and our customers.  Thousands of members have shared their experiences with safety issues at work; lack of training, harassment and bullying from managers and customers, unsafe equipment, and poor staffing.

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Our proposals around safety include:

  • Guarantee protections against retaliation when workers bring up issues around bullying, harassment, food safety, or customer safety—no one should be disciplined for making their store safer.

  • Improve safety committees that employers are legally required to hold, and make sure that we have trained union stewards in every meeting.

  • Require that our employers provide training on bullying and harassment and customer de-escalation techniques.

  • Paid time for the Safety Coordinator in each store to work on safety issues in the store.

Take Action:

  • Make sure you and your co-workers have downloaded the UFCW 21 app.

  • Keep taking your breaks. When we all take meal and rest breaks that are protected in our contracts and the law, we will force our employers to better staff our shifts.

  • As break actions wrap up, we will start a new round of button up actions next week and wear them through early May when our first contract expiration dates take place. (see buttons below)

    Next Bargaining dates May 2 & 3

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Amy Dayley Angell, QFC #891 (Ballard), Front End Checker

Cassy Wolle, Fred Meyer - Port Orchard #655 (Grocery), CCK Checker

Scott Shiflett, QFC #838 (Inglewood), Meat Cutter

Christina Harris, Fred Meyer - Lake City #179 (Grocery), Bakery Clerk

Cliff Powers, Safeway #402 (Oak Harbor), Produce Clerk

Eleanor Knight, Albertsons #4483 (Auburn), 4th PIC

Irene Garcia, Fred Meyer - Auburn #19 (Retail), Home Clerk

Jeannette Randall, Safeway #1923 (Roxbury), Front End Checker

Jeff Smith, Fred Meyer - Snohomish #681 (Retail), Non-food receiving Clerk

J'Nee DeLancey, Town & Country #211 (Ballard), Beer/Wine Manager

Jordan Washington, QFC #803 (Meridian), Deli Clerk

Kyong Barry, Albertsons #483 (S Auburn), Front End Supervisor

Maggie Breshears, Fred Meyer - Greenwood #122 (Grocery), Personal Shopper

Maroot Nanakul, Safeway #464 (Bear Creek), Front End Checker

Michaela Strain, QFC #819 (Bothell), Meat Wrapper

Paul Ames Reinhold, Metropolitan Market #157 (Uptown), Cheese Kiosk Clerk

Richard Waits, Haggen #15 (Burlington), Deli Clerk

Robin Hillistad, QFC #858 (N Seattle), HR Specialist

Sam Dancy, QFC #825 (Westwood Village), Front End Supervisor

Sue Wilmot, Safeway #1252 (Bainbridge Island), Front End Checker

Wendy Garrett-Drake, Albertsons #469 (Mukilteo), Personnel Coordinator/Bookkeeper

Wil Peterson, Fred Meyer - Everett #95 (Grocery), CCK Checker

Todd Crosby, Organizing Director, UFCW International

Faye Guenther, Acting President, UFCW 21

Steve Chandler, Principal Officer Teamsters 38

Joe Mizrahi, Staff Director, UFCW 21

Mia Contreras, Executive Vice President, UFCW 21

Tammi Brady, Recording Secretary, Teamsters 38

Samantha Kantak, Executive Assistant, Teamsters 38

Jim McGuinness, Attorney, UFCW 21 and Teamsters 38