STEWARDS ARE KEY - Power in Numbers

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2019 0205 Member Stories Diane Stedham-Jewell Providence Centralia2.jpg

Diane Stedham-Jewell is an RN at Providence Centralia Hospital. She is a workplace leader, and Union Steward. If a member has questions or concerns they call Diane. She knows the contract and the history behind it. Diane is on the Healthcare Advisory Board to help set workplace standards. Diane also understands that to create change in our workplace and communities we need to have politicians in office that care about workers’ rights. She has met with State Legislators around health-related topics with her latest visit related to breaks. A great leader like Diane knows that more Leaders and Stewards make our Union stronger. She has helped develop the Bargaining Team and is now recruiting and watching for strong leaders at Providence Centralia Hospital to help mentor them into Union Stewards.

A Steward is a union member like you who has been trained to enforce co workers’ rights in the workplace and speak out on union issues. If you are interested in becoming a Steward contact us online at