Grocery Store Bargaining Update: Time Is Running Out for the Employers

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“After more than 6 months of bargaining, we deserve a full, fair contract that respects our work. Making progress on the pension is important, but with takeaways still on the table, the employers are running out of time to offer us an agreement worth ratifying. Please RSVP to your vote meetings today.” - Union Member Bargaining Team

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During the last two bargaining days, we were able to reach an outline of an agreement with Albertsons/Safeway on a pension solution. We already have an agreement with Kroger for our pension. Your bargaining team is working hard to ensure we get a deal that secures our pension into the future and allows us to move forward with negotiations and address health care and wage proposals. (For more on the pension solution, see the Pension Primer.) We were also able to win a tentative agreement last week for our Health and Welfare plan. 

While advances on health and pension plans are very encouraging, Kroger and Albertsons/Safeway still have real cuts on the table in other areas. They need to withdraw those takeaways and get us a fair contract before we vote to authorize a strike. Votes are scheduled now, but whether these are strike authorization votes or ratification votes depends on what happens at the bargaining table. Either way, it’s time to come together and make our voices heard: Find vote locations and RSVP to your vote here 

Current takeaways on the table: 

  • Eliminating holiday pay, including premium pay on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

  • Eliminating the guarantee of 10 cents above minimum wage.

  • Eliminating our across-the-board guarantee of raises.

  • Eliminating our raises between steps on the pay scale (wage escalators).

If the employers can come to the table with a contract that offers fair pay for hard work, finalize the securing of our pension, and withdraws their takeaways, there’s still time to get a Tentative Agreement before we vote. But time is running out.  Next bargaining dates: October 24 & 25 


1.       RSVP to your vote meeting now 

2.       Attend a Contract Action Team meeting this week.

3.       Wear your button (ask your Steward or Union Rep if you need more). 

4.       Talk to your Steward or Union Rep about becoming a picket captain. 

Stay in touch: 

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Amy Dayley Angell, QFC #891 (Ballard), Front End Checker, UFCW 21
Christina Harris, Fred Meyer - Lake City #179 (Grocery), Bakery Clerk, UFCW 21
Cliff Powers, Safeway #402 (Oak Harbor), Produce Clerk, UFCW 21
Denise Anderson, Safeway #1546 (Aberdeen), Meat Wrapper, UFCW 367
Eleanor Knight, Albertsons #4483 (Auburn), 4th PIC, UFCW 21
Irene Garcia, Fred Meyer - Auburn #19 (Retail), Home Clerk, UFCW 21
Jeannette Randall, Safeway #1923 (Roxbury), Front End Checker, UFCW 21
Jeff Smith, Fred Meyer - Snohomish #681 (Retail), Non-food receiving Clerk, UFCW 21
J'Nee DeLancey, Town & Country #211 (Ballard), Beer/Wine/Spirt Manager, UFCW 21
Joann Gardner, Albertsons #3106 (Puyallup), Personnel Coordinator/Bookkeeper, UFCW 367
Kyong Barry, Albertsons #4483 (S Auburn), Front End Manager, UFCW 21
Lisa Gasser, Fred Meyer #424 (South Hill), Bakery Clerk, UFCW 367
Maggie Breshears, Fred Meyer - Greenwood #122 (Grocery), Personal Shopper, UFCW 21
Maroot Nanakul, Safeway #464 (Bear Creek), Front End Manager, UFCW 21
Michaela Strain, QFC #819 (Bothell), Meat Wrapper, UFCW 21
Mike Sherman, Fred Meyer # 265 – Puyallup, Grocery Clerk, UFCW 367
Mike Solberg, Safeway # 547 (Graham), Grocery Clerk, UFCW 367
Paul Ames Reinhold, Metropolitan Market #157 (Uptown), Cheese Kiosk Clerk, UFCW 21
Richard Waits, Haggen #15 (Burlington), Deli Clerk, UFCW 21
Robin Hillistad, QFC #858 (N Seattle), HR Specialist/Bookkeeper, UFCW 21
Sam Dancy, QFC #825 (Westwood Village), Front End Supervisor, UFCW 21
Sue Wilmot, Safeway #1252 (Bainbridge Island), Front End Checker, UFCW 21
Wendy Garrett-Drake, Albertsons #469 (Mukilteo), Personnel Coordinator/Bookkeeper, Teamsters 38
Wil Peterson, Fred Meyer - Everett #95 (Grocery), CCK Checker, UFCW 21
Faye Guenther, President, UFCW 21
Steve Chandler, Principal Officer Teamsters 38
Joe Mizrahi, Secretary Treasurer, UFCW 21
Tammi Brady, Recording Secretary, Teamsters 38
Samantha Kantak, Executive Assistant, Teamsters 38
Kate Meckler, Trustee, UFCW 367
Angel Gonzalez, Deputy Trustee, UFCW 367
Jim McGuinness, Attorney, UFCW 21, Teamsters 38 and UFCW 367