UFCW 21 Legislative Agenda

2019 0107 - Leg Agenda FINAL-1.jpg

The 2019 legislative session begins on January 14 in Olympia and our lawmakers will once again face important decisions that affect our workplaces. In order to make progress on our priority issues this year, our elected leaders need to hear from us, hear our stories, and hear why these issues matter to us.

As the legislative session continues we will keep you updated on how we plan to keep up the pressure in order to make progress on these issues.

Workers across Washington are standing up for safer working conditions, fair wages, healthier workplaces, and the right to organize. In contract bargains, at the ballot box, and in cities across the state, workers are winning. It is time that state law makers put the needs of Washington workers above corporate greed. We believe that when workers are respected for their labor with fair wages, benefits and working conditions, those workers and the people they serve are all better off. With action by the 2019 legislature, we can make progress to achieving this.