Stephanie Weibel has worked as an RN in the Emergency Room at Trios Health for 5 years. After attending a Trios bankruptcy meeting, she realized how important it was to be involved in anything that affects her workplace. Stephanie decided the best way to stay informed and make positive change in her workplace was to become a Steward.

As a Steward, Stephanie has spoken at the Kennewick Firefighter and City Council meetings to gain community support for the RNs.

Stephanie comes from a union family and knows how important it is to have a strong contract. She volunteered to do New Employee Orientations because she wanted to make sure everyone understood their rights and the value of their union contract.

Stewards like Stephanie know how important unity is, from our workplaces to the communities we live in. When union members stand united, speak out, and take action, we have the power to make a difference on the job and in our communities.