UFCW 21 Members at PRMCE Take Action in Everett

UFCW 21 Members Take Action in Everett

After months of negotiations, UFCW 21 Members sent a strong message to Providence Management that the time is now to settle a fair contract with Nurses, Professional Staff and Technical Staff.Hundreds of workers joined by community members and elected officials participated in a day-long informational picket at both the Pacific and Colby campuses. Reading statements of dissatisfaction with Management's feet-dragging at the bargaining table, chanting in solidarity, and delivering hundreds of postcards supporting their Union, UFCW 21 members sent a strong message that they are unified and demand a fair contract.

Our next bargaining session is schedule for Monday, June 11 for the Nurses and Wednesday, June 20 for the Techs. We need to see a proposal from Management that will allow us to:

Recruit and retain the highest quality health care professionals. Give front line health care professionals a real voice in establishing safe staffing levels. Ensure job security so that we can continue to provide quality healthcare service to our community and our region.

"Today was about solidarity; it was about unity; it was about power.
We are fed up with management and we want to get the contract
settled. They know what its going to take. The ball is firmly in
their court." Sue Woodard, RN
"I hope management understands that we are serious about staffing
issues. Not just for RNs but for all of the people who work here.
This is a house wide issue that needs to be addressed in our
contracts." Bill Hisaw, RN