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Becky is a Phlebotomist at Labcorp in Edmonds. She is a Steward and on the Bargaining Team. Becky not only stands up for her co-workers at her worksite, she also has spent many days off driving from worksite to worksite to make sure people in outlying offices were getting the petitions, updates and information they needed. She helped lead a march on the boss with her son, co-workers and City Council/Community Allies which resulted in positive gains in bargaining. She has been a strong advocate for her co-workers with workplace issues and also pulled everyone together to fight for better wages, affordable health care and adequate staffing in their contract negotiations. Becky has extended her efforts beyond Labcorp to participate in helping all UFCW 21 members in understanding the new Sick Leave Law in an informative Town Hall Call.

Stewards like Becky know how important a voice on the job is for everyone and that is why she is a Steward of the Quarter. When union members stand united, speak out, and take action, we have the power to make a difference on the job and in our communities.

A Steward is a union member like you who has been trained to enforce co-workers’ rights in the workplace and speak out on union issues. If you are interested in becoming a Steward contact us online at