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Central Co-op Stewards Heather Elliott, Claudia Noon, and Daniel Cobb have worked together to improve working conditions at their store. They have held meetings to hear about their co-workers’ issues and create action plans to solve them. They ran a petition around scheduling, got overwhelming support from their co-workers, which resulted in a meeting with Labor/Management and improvement in scheduling for workers. They have also helped co-workers understand their Weingarten Rights and tackled other workplace issues including unrealistic supervisor expectations.

These Stewards did not stop at their store, they are also standing up in the community for worker rights at non-union stores. They understand how important worker rights and a voice on the job are no matter where you work and this is the reason they are the Stewards of the Quarter.

When union members stand united, speak out, and take action, we have the power to make a difference on the job and in our communities. A Steward is a union member like you who has been trained to enforce co-workers’ rights in the workplace and speak out on union issues. If you are interested in becoming a Steward contact us online at