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Brenda Eaden is an Associate at the Southcenter Macy’s Furniture Gallery. When Macy’s violated the contract and took 40 hours of worker’s vacation and turned it into sick leave after the new Sick and Safe Leave Law, Brenda called her union. After filing a grievance Brenda looked closely at the law and called Labor and Industries to ask some questions. Like she thought, Macy’s was also breaking the law. Brenda filed a complaint with L&I over the violation and encouraged her co-workers to do the same. Brenda helped over 60 of her fellow Macy’s members at multiple stores fill out the form and file complaints. Thanks to Brenda, this has become a State investigation and has spread to every Macy’s in our union.

When union members stand united, speak out, and take action, we have the power to make a difference on the job and in our communities.