PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS - It pays to know your contract

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Gwendolyn Herron is a Business Office Representative and a Steward at Whidbey Health Medical Center. When the HR Director told them that she was raising the number of hours that would qualify workers as part-time, Gwendolyn and her fellow co-workers took action. Gwendolyn knew that making this change would affect workers’ ability to qualify for benefits. She also knew that the hours were negotiated in her union contract and were protected. Gwendolyn stated, “We voted on our FTEs…we felt she can’t just change it…if they raise the FTEs it takes away worker’s benefits.” Great leaders like Gwendolyn know the protection their union contract provides. Gwendolyn along with her fellow co-workers stood together and used that contract protection to stand up for the rights of all workers at Whidbey.