WORKING TOGETHER - Real Change - Community Ally

Real Change

Real Change vendors are workers who put themselves out into communities forming enduring friendships with their customers. Every year, vendors are honored for their incredible resistance.

“One vendor’s entire life changed due to an accident. No one thinks that one day their life is flowing normal...The next, all is forgotten. I have been through some serious life changes so I can relate and understand the will to never quit” –Candice Hemphill, Macy’s
Unfortunately there are many laws that criminalize homelessness and poverty; prohibiting everyday activities such as sitting, laying down, sleeping in one’s car, even when the person has nowhere else to go. These are members of our community, not ‘offenders.’ 

“Living in the city of Seattle, I regularly encounter folks who have been
marginalized by society, who are homeless. How hard would it be to slow down, smile, say “Hello”? Such a simple gesture could make someone’s day, maybe give them some hope.” –Shawn Hayenga, Metropolitan Market

“It is such a great feeling to know I am a part of supporting people who are experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. Real Change empowers people with resources to change their lives!”  -Meg Kennedy, Central Coop