Members Stand Up for Their Rights...

It Pays to be in Our Union

Gloria Deaguayo’s health care is important to her and her family. When she was with another union at the same work location she was offered a health plan from her employer that was very expensive. Some weeks the cost equaled the amount of her paycheck. After starting back with UFCW 21 and working with her Union Rep, she was able to skip the four month waiting period for coverage because she was formerly with our union. She was also able to get Safeway to stop making deductions for that prior company plan and reimburse Gloria over $1,900 for prior premiums. All solved without a grievance. Nice work all around.

We’ve Got Your Back

Richard Jones had worked at Mason General for a long time as a dedicated and experienced CAT Tech when the hospital required he pass a certification. He did not pass and then they fired him. Co-workers, doctors and our union came to his defense. Our grievance showed that other hospitals did not fire long-term employees in this situation but moved them back to a Rad Tech position. After a long effort, the Hospital agreed to bring Richard back as a Rad Tech. Welcome back Richard.

Pharmacy Techs Leading Way for ABC

When Antonio Villa took the lead, his Pharmacy Techs co-workers at the Bel-East QFC #874 followed. All in the department signed up for the level of $12 a month to support our political and electoral work during the big ABC drive earlier this summer. ABC stands for Active Ballot Club, which makes it possible for members to donate an additional amount each month, to support the work to get worker champions elected to office and to push for and pass progressive worker legislation like a higher minimum wage, paid sick leave and many other policies for which we advocate. 

All in the Family


Teri Frietze, an RN at Providence Centralia Hospital was on vacation when she heard that her brother-in-law was in the hospital. She made a Facebook post. Providence terminated her for a HIPAA violation. However, Teri was not at work, did not mention the name of the hospital in her post and she did not learn of the family member at work. With the help of our Union Rep and Steward (Nancy Lawrence), Providence finally conceded that this was not a HIPAA violation and she was reinstated with full back pay and benefits.

FMLA & Sick Days Not the Same Thing

QFC had been requiring UFCW 21 members to fill out FMLA paperwork to receive sick leave pay across the region. This is not about the Seattle Sick Leave law. This is about our rights in our contract for when you are sick for three days or more so you can access your sick leave bank. Our win clarifies that they cannot withhold sick leave pay because you have not yet filed FMLA paperwork. 

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