Racially Equitable Workplaces & Communities

The social justice seminar was amazing. I appreciated the panel with youth and more senior leaders from Alaska and Oregon. They gave me an understanding of social justice from different angles. I definitely enjoyed the Q & A portion even with difficult questions and statements, everyone could be passionate yet stay cool at the same time.
— Candice Hemphil

The Regional NAACP Convention, held in Spokane on September 19-20, was a unique opportunity for UFCW 21 members from around the state and from different sectors to engage collectively in race equity for Washington State. Patricia Brown (MultiCare), Candice Hemphill (Macy’s), and Mary Watkines (OurWalmart), joined Carolyn Kennedy, Jodi Spurgeon, Susie Heritage (Holy Family), Ginny Hein and Carol Cropper (Sacred Heart), and NAACP chapters from Alaska, Washington and Oregon engaging in thought-provoking workshops, inspiring keynote speakers and a celebratory banquet.

The conference touched on issues such as “Ban the Box”, voting rights and engagement in Black Lives Matter. During the Social Justice panel Patricia spoke from her experiences as a health care worker-leader, regarding social justice for the newly-born, which is closely tied to access to women’s health care and family planning options. According to Patricia voting is important, and for those under 18 there needs to be other ways for these youth to experience social justice.

UFCW 21 looks forward to continuing to work with the NAACP chapters in King, Pierce, and Spokane counties, with a vision of racially equitable workplaces and communities.