Members Stand Up For Their Rights

Women Moving Up in the Workplace 

On September 3, 2015 Pacific Northwest Magazine of the Sunday Seattle Times ran a story titled “Women in the Trades.” The story profiled hard-working women in what are often seen as jobs traditionally done by men. One of the women profiled in the story is Molly Milasich, a UFCW 21 meat cutter at PCC.  UFCW 21’s King County Meat Apprenticeship program at South Seattle College, where Molly trained, is working to bring more women into the trade. Check out the full story at:

Keeping Up to Date Helps Us All

Vickie Orcutt is a leader at North Valley Hospital. When she completed her certification, her employer, unlike years in the past, decided not to pay her. Vickie worked with our union to resolve the situation and North Valley agreed to pay for the certification and for all the hours to complete it. Keeping up-to-date with certifications is helpful for the patients we serve every day, and we should not have to pay for it out of our paycheck.

Still At It After All These Years

Stafford Jones was a sophomore in High School when he started working for Safeway – that was in August of 1951. He is still at it and turned 80 this past summer. Stafford has worked at different locations over the years, starting at a Burien store and most recently moving from Mercer Island to Issaquah. Talking about his work in produce, where he continues to work two days a week, Stafford says, “I still get a kick out of it—the challenge to get the job done and done well each day.” It is an honor to have Stafford as a member after all these years. Cheers. 

Working Together Pays

Song Kelley, a per diem CNA at Forks Hospital, works hard and plays by the rules. She wanted a permanent position and had been applying for part-time work when it was posted, but the Hospital kept hiring new staff rather than her as a per diem. Song never gave up and with the support of her co-worker Aleda Adams, Song ultimately was able to get the new Interim HR manager to turn this around, and she received her long-awaited part-time position.