Meat cutters who are looking to strengthen their industry and share their knowledge can help mentor new apprentices through the Meat Cutting Apprenticeship Mentor Program. The goal of this program is to share industry knowledge, skills and techniques. To develop apprentices into highly skilled journey person cutters.  Talk to your classroom instructor for more details.

Mentorship is another way we can become better cutters, having an experienced cutter to ask questions or seek advice from can make all the difference.
— Patrick Donnelly (meatcutter at QFC)

Instructors and schools interested in having the Seattle Meatcutter Apprenticeship Program attend a job fair or giving a presentation on our program to a class should contact Andrew Heyman (206-436-6586) or Tim Phelan (206-436-6515) at UFCW 21.

Seattle Meatcutters Apprenticeship Program

The Meat Apprenticeship Program of King County is a nationally recognized program that teaches a diverse student population to become experts in the meat cutting trade. Our students proudly graduate from the program with an official WA state certification which is honored in all 50 states. The Meat Apprenticeship Program is a two year course held at the Georgetown training center in Seattle. Four hour classes are scheduled weekly with summer quarter off.

Our innovative and comprehensive program focuses on teaching students to exceed levels of industry competency through a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Students learn how to work more efficiently both independently and in teams. They explore their employers’ policies, procedures and expectations while learning how to maximize productivity, profitability, craftsmanship, and customer service. Meat apprentice students learn how to be more effective employees and to exceed customer expectations.

Employers know how difficult it is to find talented employees who are willing and capable of taking care of valuable customers while maintaining profitable and efficient departments. Our program was developed by veterans of the meat cutting industry who are well-educated in Business and Department Management. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with the Seattle Meat Apprentice JACT Board, King County Health, UFCW 21, and South Seattle College.

The program is designed to help students currently employed as apprentice meat cutters gain a broad overview of the meat cutting industry—past, present and future. Tuition & Parking approximately $500.00 a year. Topics include:

  • Cooking beef, pork, and lamb.

  • USDA grading and inspection processes.

  • History of American meat cutting industry.

  • Breaking primal units from carcasses.

  • Cutting veal, beef, pork and lamb.

  • Poultry, beef, pork and lamb slaughter, raising, and merchandising.

  • Knife care, purchasing, sharpening and usage.

  • Basic computer and research skills.

  • Food safety and proper handling.

  • Seafood merchandising.

  • Sanitation and clean-up.

  • Dressing for success.

  • Meat identification.

  • Working relationships.

  • Salesmanship.

  • Professional conduct.

  • Meat law and policies.

  • Safety in the workplace.

  • Craftsmanship.

  • First Aid & CPR certification.

  • Field trips to local processing plants.

  • Calculating gross profit and primal yield.

Classes take place at: South Seattle College, Georgetown Apprenticeship & Education Center, 6770 E. Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108. 

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