Thank you, Sedro-Woolley, for supporting the union grocery workers at Food Pavilion.

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Dear Sedro-Woolley,

Thank you for your ongoing support of our local union grocery store, Food Pavilion. Over the years, and with your support, we have improved our workplace standards. Today, working a union job at Food Pavilion provides us with better wages, more paid sick days and vacation, affordable health insurance, good retirement benefits and a safer workplace. When you shop at Food Pavilion, you’re not only feeding your family, you are also supporting our local economy and community. We are proud to be a big part of Sedro-Woolley and we appreciate your continued support.


The UFCW 21 members at Sedro-Woolley Food Pavilion

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“I love my job and the work that I do. I have become part of the Food Pavilion family. Knowing that my job was secure [while I fought a serious illness], I could concentrate on getting well and coming back to work.”

–Shawn Brockman, Cashier, 4 years with the company

“Being part of a union enabled me to give my children good health care. It also has made me appreciate paid vacations, a pension and a stable job.” –Celia Flones, 35 years with the company


“Having union wages and benefits allowed me to financially support myself and my kids as a single mom. I didn’t have to worry about taking my kids to the Dr. or paying a bill.”

–Kelli Peksenak, Deli Manager, 31 years with the company

“I’m glad to have worked at a union store. We get good pay and I could work my shifts around our kids’ activities. It was so nice to have insurance and paid vacation all the time I worked. Thanks from the Knight Family.” –Dawn Knight, Checker, 40 years with the company, now mostly retired