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Making Change at Walmart

In the grocery industry, union contracts guarantee protections and a voice on the job. But at the company with the most grocery sales in America — Walmart — our fellow workers are not receiving the respect they deserve. That's why the UFCW unions across the country are joining with workers and community leaders to make change at Walmart. We are working directly with Walmart Associates to claim the respect on the job they deserve; holding Walmart corporate managers accountable; and fighting to make sure that any new jobs offered by Walmart meet strong standards for healthy, growing communities.



Making Change at Walmart Puget Sound rally in Downtown Seattle on April 27, 2012, joined by community allies as well as OUR Walmart organizers who traveled across the country to promote Walmart at 50.

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Walmart in Seattle?

This was the question asked in a recent Seattle newspaper headline. The article said “Local unions poised to prevent retail giant from staking a claim in the metro market.” Read the full story.

Supermarket News also covered Walmart in their April 24th edition:
Walmart Will Cost Seattle Jobs, Revenue: Study  Read the full article.


A report was released by Puget Sound Sage, a regional economic policy advocacy organization, concluding that each new Walmart store opening in a Puget Sound neighborhood will result in a net loss of $13 million of net economic output and $14 million in lost wages over the 20 year life of the store.

The report, by economic impact expert Dr. Chris Fowler, is one of the first in the nation to use detailed economic analysis to determine the impact of a new Walmart ”neighborhood market” and stands in direct contrast to the academically weak reports commissioned by Walmart to promote its expansion in urban areas in recent years.

Read the full press release and download the Fowler Report here.





Making Change at Walmart Puget Sound Launch

On January 5, UFCW 21 joined over 20 community organizations to launch the Puget Sound area Making Change at Walmart coalition. We believe when employers like Walmart come to our communities with big empty promises, we insist they live up to our values. This is about respect. This is about good jobs. This is about healthy communities and a better world. Join a growing number of people and organizations at MakingChangeatWalmart.org.

The coalition ran an ad in the Daily Journal of Commerce. Click here to view the ad.

Click here to check out the Seattle Times story.

Broken Promises?UFCW 21 Report:
Broken Promises?
Does Walmart do what Walmart says they'll do for local communities?

April 21, 2011 – In an effort to clean up a tarnished public image, Walmart is marketing itself to local communities with promises — promises the company will provide a range of benefits around jobs, wages, and tax revenue for local government.

A concern has emerged that these promises may not end up being true. Even more troubling, Walmart may be intentionally distorting or hiding the truth behind some of the claims. And local officials who do not get promises in written, enforceable agreements, may see those promised benefits disappear after a store opens.

Click here to read our April 21st report, focusing on Snohomish County. (PDF)

Update: on April 23rd, the Everett published a brief on our Broken Promises report. Click here to read it.

Join up with the national campaign to make change at Walmart

Click here for more info on the campaign to make change at Walmart, or to get involved.

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