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Legislative Priorities Update for the week of April 22.

Choose People Over Big Corporations

We are entering the last week of the regular 2013 legislative session. In our last update we told you about the efforts of the Republican controlled Senate to erode the paid sick leave standard we helped pass in Seattle. While, this attack on worker rights passed the Senate, it did not even get a hearing in the House of Representatives and as of now it looks like our sick leave law in Seattle will remain fully intact! While we are working to extend paid sick leave to all workers in Washington through legislation and bargaining, fights like this remind us that some lawmakers and many of our employers want to take away the sick leave we have earned. We will remain vigilant to ensure we move forward on paid sick leave, not backwards.

The legislature is now hard at work negotiating a final budget agreement. Once again, we are presented with a stark difference in values from our elected leaders.

The Senate Republicans have proposed a budget that involves deep cuts to Housing & Essential Needs, $28 million from programs serving homeless families and deep cuts to child care funding for low income families. All these cuts, and not one proposed cut to corporate tax loopholes.

In the State House, however, they are proposing a budget that funds human services and our education system and would end outdated tax loopholes that don’t benefit anyone but big business. We think it is time that corporations in our state are asked to pay their fair share and we can do this by ending unnecessary tax loopholes.

We know big business is lobbying to keep their tax loopholes. If we want a balanced approach to the budget your legislator needs to hear from you!

CALL 1-800-562-6000

 Leave a message for your elected officials:

"Choose people over big business by passing a
budget that ends unnecessary tax loopholes!"


2013 State Legislative Agenda

Decisions made by elected officials - whether it is in the State Capital or Washington D.C., directly impact the lives and paychecks of UFCW 21 members, and their families, and communities.

That's why UFCW 21 has a political program focused on people-power. We have worksite protection laws (like minimum wage and workers comp) or laws like the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that help us live better, due to workers standing up and pushing for them - together.

What is people-powered politics?

As a non-partisan group (we don't care whether a person is Republican or Democrat, Independent or non-partisan), UFCW 21 makes sure that working people have a greater say in politics. People-powered politics does the following:

  • Trains & empowers leaders to lobby their own legislators on issues like breaks, worker rights, health care, and many others.
  • Interviews and makes focused endorsements of candidates who stand up for working family issues, and makes endorsements of some state and local ballot measures.
  • Mails and calls members to educate them on candidate/policy proposals. UFCW 21 doesn't tell anyone how to vote, but believes it's important to let union members know where political candidates stand on issues that affect working families. And then works to make sure that the voice of working people is heard loud and clear by those elected officials in our communities and in the state capitol, and in Washington DC. (Last election, in addition to 40,000 phone calls to members and 125,000 pieces of mail, we had in person contact with members at our over 800 worksites across the state.
  • Registers members to vote. More voters means more power, UFCW 21 registers as many members sending 18 year-old members a registration from and always working to get more members registered. If you're not registered to vote yet, register now! Register online at the website of Washington's Secretary of State.
  • Recruits and trains people to run for office

Get involved in people-powered politics!

  • Contribute to the Active Ballot Club (ABC). At most workplaces, you can automatically donate a small amount from your paycheck ($1 - $4 each week) to the UFCW 21 ABC Fund. We use these funds to support elected officials who stand up for us.
  • Register to vote.

Tell your elected officials what you think:

  • To reach your state legislators in Olympia, call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000. The operator will direct your call to your member of Congress.
  • To reach your member of Congress in Washington DC, call the Congressional Switchboard: 1-202-224-3121. The operator will direct your call to your member of Congress.

Would you like to get active with UFCW 21's People Powered Politics? Call your Union Representative for more information.

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