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Enforce Your Contract

UFCW 21 builds power in several ways. Organizing workplaces that are not yet union can increase people-powered political clout. Successful steward trainings and union member solidarity will improve collective bargaining for stronger contracts. It is all connected.

Enforcing a contract is one of these critical ways to build power and improve the lives of working men and women.

Standing up for your rights

Your contract is like a muscle. When it is used it becomes stronger. So knowing the rights provided in your contract can make a big difference.

Some of the most common contract violations include: unfair discipline, incorrect pay on your paycheck, missed rest and meal breaks, and problems with postings of schedules.

If you feel your rights have been violated (on wages, benefits, scheduling, discipline, etc.) you should contact your steward, find a copy (find my contract) of the contract and stand up for your rights. Your Union Representative can also be helpful addressing an issue if a steward is not available. Find Your Rep.

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