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Health-care workers say hospitals are putting patients at risk

February  13, 2012 - OLYMPIA, WA – The Campaign for Patient Safety, a coalition of more than 54,000 registered nurses and health-care professionals, says Washington’s powerful hospital lobby is putting patients at risk by defeating common-sense improvements to antiquated, unsafe hospital staffing laws. Read more...


Teamsters to Leaflet at Fred Meyer

August 17, 2011 – Fred Meyer is trying to take away the affordable, quality health plan of over 350 Teamsters who work in the company’s warehouse in Puyallup. Starting this weekend and for the foreseeable future, Teamster 117 members will be out front of some Fred Meyer store doing informational leafleting. Read more...



Message to the White House: We need good jobs in our community, not a continued cycle of poverty

July 20th, 2011 – The following statement is being issued in response to a July 20th announcement from the White House in which First Lady Michelle Obama recognized retailers who want to expand their business into underserved areas and provide more healthy food choices. Walmart is among the short list of retailers. Read more...


Sick LeavePacked public hearing shows overwhelming support for paid sick days

The campaign for paid sick days in Seattle continues to pick up momentum: the July 6th public hearing on the issue filled City Hall with supporters of workers rights and public health. More than 50 workers, community leaders, and supportive business owners spoke before City Council about the importance of paid sick leave. Hundreds more filled the room — and showed cards demonstrating support from thousands more who work, live, and vote in Seattle.

Watch this space for info on the next steps in the campaign for paid sick days in Seattle — or check out the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce for the latest updates.

Workers at The Doctors Clinic stand up for respect

After voting to reject an inadequate contract offer by 84%, UFCW 21 members at The Doctors Clinic held an informational picket on Saturday June 11th. Union members stood together to let the public know about management's unacceptable contract proposals on wages, health care, and basic issues of respect. Our picket was covered in The Kitsap Sun: click here to check out the story.

The public-health case for mandatory paid-sick-leave laws

Tasha West-Baker has an editorial in Crosscut. It begins:

I work at a place where we don't have paid sick days. We sell food and medicines. We could be a grocery store, a pharmacy, a convenience store, even a gas station. It does not really matter. It is the same story pretty much wherever you go. We are sick at work. That is one of the dirty secrets of workplaces across America. People are coming to work sick because they either can't afford to miss a day's pay or fear the discipline they might get if they were to call in sick.

Click here to read the whole article at Crosscut.com

Paid Sick Days Now!Press Conference

On Wednesday, June 22, we reached a major milestone in the campaign for paid sick days in Seattle: the proposed Paid Sick Days ordinance was formally introduced to the Seattle City Council with a press conference at City Hall that included the mayor, several councilmembers, and UFCW 21 member Tasha West-Baker.

The momentum for Paid Sick Days is building. The next big event on the path to passing Paid Sick Days is the public hearing set for July 6th — less than two weeks away. Click here to sign up to attend the Paid Sick Days Hearing at City Hall on Wednesday, July 6th.


Vic-ee Olson and Robin Fleming"Paid sick days will mean a healthier Seattle"

UFCW 21 member Vic-ee Olson and school nurse Robin Fleming have a guest column in the Seattle Times that makes the case for paid sick leave. Their editorial begins:

As a school nurse and a grocery store deli clerk, we know why paid sick days are needed.

Kids come to school sick — or stay at school sick — because their mom or dad has to go to work. And with or without kids, people go to work sick because they can't afford to lose a day's pay, and they don't want to get hassled for calling in sick.

You may think workers should be able to stay at home when they or their kids are sick — without losing pay or getting disciplined? You are right. People should be able to, but there is no such law. Click here to read their full column at the Seattle Times website.

Then urge the Seattle City Council to introduce a paid sick days ordinance in May and give it a public hearing in June. For more info, visit the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce.

TCL Union Update
Union Power

What does Union membership mean to you?

There are as many answers to this question as we have members. For those that have fought a campaign to get UFCW in or have participated in bargaining the answer is simple. Respect!


Grocery Workers' Sick Deal

by Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times staff columnist

Steward's Impressions of Haiti


By Stephanie Morgan
Orthopedic Technologist
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Stephanie Morgan works at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She recently joined a team with three of her co-workers and traveled to Haiti to administer care to children hurt in the devastating earthquake.
Read more.

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