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YES 21: Young and Engaged in Solidarity

YES 21

YES! is short for Young and Engaged in Solidarity. It is a new project dedicated to building youth involvement in UFCW 21.

With thousands of members under the age of 25, the strength of the union partly comes from engaging younger members. We're just getting started.

Mission: To build a more powerful union that fights for economic, political, and social justice on behalf of our younger members, their families, and their communities. Through mentorship, training and leadership opportunities, YES 21 is committed to engaging young workers to organize thousands of new workers in Washington State.

What makes UFCW 21 YES different: Given that 40% of UFCW's members are under the age of 30, it is necessary to engage our young membership and organize young workers. YES is dedicated helping UFCW 21 meet the needs of a younger workforce, and help develop the next generation of young leaders. YES is committed to helping overcome obstacles which keep younger workers from participating in the labor movement. YES is the first group of its kind at UFCW 21, and follows the national trend and need for young workers involved in labor.

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