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Take Action – Jump Start Negotiations


After more than a month of bargaining, the employers still have not put any of their initial Wage, Health Care or Pension proposals on the table. Even so, the proposals they have made are a serious attack on our paychecks—so far including: cut holiday pay; cut evening pay; cut the 10¢ above minimum guarantee; remove meatcutter and wrapper weekly guarantee of hours; and cut paid sick and safe days for all Seattle workers and prohibit workers outside Seattle to ever get that benefit.

Store level actions have already begun and will continue over the next two weeks in cities across the region. The leaflet actions will follow the Action Team meetings (details on below) and will reach our customers in front of our stores.

For the contract that expired on May 4, an extension has been signed until early June.

EMPLOYERS' SICK PROPOSALS — Embrace Zombie Economy

We pushed hard in 2010 contract negotiations to achieve first day paid sick days, but employers absolutely refused even after getting bad press. In 2011, we passed a Paid Sick and Safe Law for all workers in Seattle—a ground breaking advance that has now passed in New York City and Portland. Instead of embracing this and accepting our 2013 proposal to expand paid sick and safe days to all workers under the contract, the big national chains have refused again. UFCW and others will be launching a Paid Sick Days campaign for Tacoma on May 30th.

Watch the video made by UFCW and Teamsters 38 members.


May 13 – 6:00pm
Rep. Annie Ratzlaff
RSVP 206-436-6804

May 16 – 7:00pm
Rep. Kendra Anderson
RSVP 206-436-6515

May 20 – 6:00pm
Rep. Teri Jackson
RSVP 206-436-6524

May 20 – 2:00pm
Rep. Tim Phelan
RSVP 206-436-6551

Capitol Hill
(Seattle) May 21 – 4:00pm
Rep. Natasha West-Baker
RSVP 206-436-6527

Phinney Ridge
(Seattle) May 22 – 6:00pm
Rep. Natasha West-Baker
RSVP 206-436-6527

West Seattle
(Seattle) May 22 – 2:00pm
Rep. Cynthia Edwards
RSVP 206-436-6529

Next Bargaining Dates: May 22 & June 5.

2013 Bargaining Team

Dave Schmitz
UFCW 21, President

Diane Zahn
UFCW 21, Secretary-Treasurer

Todd Crosby
UFCW 21, Executive VP

Faye Guenther
UFCW 21, Staff Director

Denise Jagielo
UFCW 367, President

Daniel Comeau
UFCW 367, Secretary-Treasurer

Steven Chandler
Teamsters 38, Principal Officer

Tammi Brady
Teamsters 38, Business Rep.

Diane Banker
Fred Meyer #BL, CCK

Kyong Barry
Albertsons #470, Front End

Tracie Champion
Safeway #1965, Checker

Beth Colleran
Albertsons #401, #414, #458, #476
Wine Steward

Barbara Copley
Fred Meyer, GM Clerk

Darcel Covey
Albertsons #465, Seafood

Ricke Egtvet
Safeway, Meat Cutter

Lindsay Garner
UFCW 367, Representative

Robin Hillistad
QFC #858, Bookkeeper

Rhonda Ivie
Safeway #1930, Self-Check Out

Eleanor Knight
Fred Meyer #658, CCK

Lanette Lucas-Hoback
Town & Country, Meat Wrapper

Michael May
QFC #831, Produce

Fred Naylor
Safeway #1467, Helper Clerk

Ann Painter
QFC #850, Checker

Kate Pitell
Metropolitan Market #156, Checker

Barbara Rhodes
QFC #847, Deli

Susan Richardson
Cost Cutter #67, Checker

Jessica Roach
Fred Meyer #601, Grocery

Sharon Russell
Safeway, Floater/Meat Wrapper

Scott Shiflett
Safeway #3500, Meat Cutter

Jeffery Smith
Fred Meyer #688, Home

Fran Sosbee
Safeway #1252, Checker

Lucas van de Ven
Fred Meyer #25, Jewelry

Richard Waits
Haggen #69, Deli

Sue Wilmot
Safeway #1252, Front End

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