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A Big Week of Standing Together

PHONE CALL TOWN HALL We started off on Monday the 26th with over 3,000 members joining the Live Telephone Town Halls to get an update on the negotiations. In addition to some local community supporters, we had a surprise appearance on the call from famous actor and activist Danny Glover who is also on the Board of the Retail Justice Alliance. He cheered on thousands of members on the call with the words “When you stand together – we can win.”

INFORMATIONAL PICKET   Then on Wednesday the 28th thousands of grocery store workers, our family members, and our community supporters took to the streets across Puget Sound at 38 Informational Pickets in front of Safeway, Albertsons, QFC, and Fred Meyer stores.

The events were to publicize our contract negotiations and call out the big chain CEOs who, even after five months of negotiations, are still proposing to cut our health care coverage, cut our pay including holiday pay, and deny us paid sick days. Our union member bargaining team is still pushing to:  get fair pay for hard work, save our health plan, secure our retirement and expand paid sick days to all workers.


Votes Dates Announced

Votes are now set for September 22 – 25.

The type of vote will be determined by what happens at bargaining between now and then. We have now added several more bargaining sessions in September.


Pledge to Vote Petition—a large number have already signed, if you have not yet signed, please check with your Steward or Union Rep.

Like us on Facebook— check out pictures from the pickets and get up-to-date information.

Next Bargaining Date: September 5
2013 Bargaining Team

Dave Schmitz
UFCW 21, President

Diane Zahn
UFCW 21, Secretary-Treasurer

Todd Crosby
UFCW 21, Executive VP

Faye Guenther
UFCW 21, Staff Director

Denise Jagielo
UFCW 367, President

Daniel Comeau
UFCW 367, Secretary-Treasurer

Steven Chandler
Teamsters 38, Principal Officer

Tammi Brady
Teamsters 38, Business Rep.

Diane Banker
Fred Meyer #BL, CCK

Kyong Barry
Albertsons #470, Front End

Tracie Champion
Safeway #1965, Checker

Beth Colleran
Albertsons #401, #414, #458, #476
Wine Steward

Barbara Copley
Fred Meyer, GM Clerk

Darcel Covey
Albertsons #465, Seafood

Ricke Egtvet
Safeway, Meat Cutter

David Failing
Fred Meyer #25, Apparel

Lindsay Garner
UFCW 367, Representative

Robin Hillistad
QFC #858, Bookkeeper

Rhonda Ivie
Safeway #1930, Self-Check Out

Eleanor Knight
Fred Meyer #658, CCK

Lanette Lucas-Hoback
Town & Country, Meat Wrapper

Michael May
QFC #831, Produce

Fred Naylor
Safeway #1467, Helper Clerk

Deleion Patterson
Safeway, Fuel Center

Ann Painter
QFC #850, Checker

Kate Pitell
Metropolitan Market #156, Checker

Barbara Rhodes
QFC #847, Deli

Susan Richardson
Cost Cutter #67, Checker

Jessica Roach
Fred Meyer #601, Grocery

Sharon Russell
Safeway, Floater/Meat Wrapper

Scott Shiflett
Safeway #3500, Meat Cutter

Jeffery Smith
Fred Meyer #688, Home

Fran Sosbee
Safeway #1252, Checker

Richard Waits
Haggen #69, Deli

Sue Wilmot
Safeway #1252, Front End

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