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2012 Elections Report

On November 6, 2012, we saw some amazing election results that will help working people live a better life. The races that were too close to call have now largely been finalized.

Again, the re-election of President Obama was a big win for working people. And now final results show we have elected Jay Inslee for Governor.  

Our union worked side by side with other unions and community allies to elect Jay Inslee for Governor. We knew this was going to be a tough race. Inslee's victory ensures that a pro worker candidate will be our next Governor. We played a very big part in this victory and know Governor elect Inslee will work to make sure that workers rights are protected in this state.

Our union is also proud to have played such an important role in the Approve 74 campaign, the campaign to ensure the freedom to marry for all loving couples. Our Executive board unanimously voted to endorse this referendum. And we were at the forefront of this issue in the labor movement. We hosted phone banks, we had worksite conversations, and we even housed the campaign office out of our union hall. On election night, Washington State made history, along with Maryland and Maine to become the first states to ever win a victory like this at the ballot box.

And there were dozens of other results from the election that were positive signs for workers. These included the election of Suzan DelBene for Congress from Washington’s newly drawn 1st District and an increased number of U.S. Senators standing with workers. All these are positive signs for workers and are also a result of hardworking union members joining together and taking action.

The people who represent us as our President or Governor, as well as in Congress and the State House all make decisions that affect our lives. Do we have the right to collectively bargain a contract or is that right taken away? Do we live in a state where more and more people have health care they can afford and reduce uncompensated care at hospitals? Does tax policy reflect a more fair system where people who make a lot of more money, pay a higher share in taxes than those people who make a lot less? Do public schools get the resources they need to improve our children’s education and future? These and many more issues are at stake in elections like the one we just had. When you vote, you make a difference.



President: Barack Obama- won

US Senate: Maria Cantwell- won

US House #1: Suzan DelBene- won

US House #2: Rick Larsen- won

US House #5: Rich Cowan- lost

US House #6: Derek Kilmer- won

US House #7: Jim McDermott- won

US House #9: Adam Smith- won

US House #10: Denny Heck- won



Governor: Jay Inslee- won

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson- won

Secretary of State: Kathleen Drew- too close to call

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy Dorn- won

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler- won



LD #1, Senate: Rosemary McAuliffe- won

LD #1, House 1: Derek Stanford- won

LD #2, Senate: Bruce Lachney- lost

LD #3, Senate: Andy Billig- won

LD #3, House 1: Marcus Riccelli- won

LD #3, House 2: Timm Ormsby- won

LD #5, Senate: Mark Mullet- won

LD #6, House 2: Dennis Dellwo- lost

LD #10, House 2: Tom Riggs- lost

LD #11, Senate: Bob Hasegawa- won

LD #11, House 1: Zack Hudgins- won

LD #11, House 2: Steve Bergquist- won

LD #17, Senate: Tim Probst- too close to call

LD #21, House 1: Mary Helen Roberts- won

LD #21, House 2: Marko Liias- won

LD #22, Senate: Karen Fraser- won

LD #22, House 1: Chris Reykdal- won

LD #22, House 2: Sam Hunt- won

LD #23, Senate: Christine Rolfes- won

LD #23, House 1: Sherry Appleton- won

LD #23, House 2: Drew Hansen- won

LD #24, House 1: Kevin Van de Wege- won

LD #24, House 2: Steve Tharinger- won

LD #25, House 1: Dawn Morrell- won

LD #27, Senate: Jeannie Darneille- won

LD #27, House 1: Laurie Jinkins- won

LD #27, House 2: Jake Fey- won

LD #28, House 1: Eric Choniere- lost

LD #28, House 2: Tami Green- won

LD #29, House 1: David Sawyer- won

LD #30, House 1: Roger Flygare- lost

LD #32, House 1: Cindy Ryu- won

LD #33, House 1: Tina Orwall- won

LD #33, House 2: Dave Upthegrove- won

LD #34, Senate: Sharon Nelson- won

LD #34, House 1: Eileen Cody- won

LD #34, House 2: Joe Fitzgibbon- won

LD #35, House 1: Kathy Haigh- won

LD #36, House 2: Noel Frame- lost

LD #38, House 1: John McCoy- won

LD #38, House 2: Mike Sells- won

LD #40, Senate: Kevin Ranker- won

LD #40, House 1: Kris Lytton- won

LD #41, Senate: Maureen Judge- lost

LD #42, House 1: Natalie McClendon- lost

LD #44, House 1: Hans Dunshee- won

LD #44, House 2: Mary McNaughton- lost

LD #45, House 1: Roger Goodman- won

LD #46, Senate: David Frockt- won

LD #46, House 1: Gerry Pollet- won

LD #46, House 2: Jessyn Farrell- won

LD #47, House 1: Bud Sizemore too close to call

LD #47, House 2: Pat Sullivan- won

LD #48, House 2: Cyrus Habib- won

LD #49, Senate: Annette Cleveland- won

LD #49, House 1: Sharon Wylie- won



Supreme Court position 9: 

Sheryl Gordon McCloud- won



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